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GreatFamily 1.1.3


GreatFamily 1.1.3 (last freeware version)

Graphically design your family tree and generate web pages in a snap. This easy-to-use program approaches family tree making from the user's point of view. Simply draw your family tree using nothing but the mouse, it's that easy. Navigate, zoom in and get the complete image of your family tree. Share the tree with your friends and family - generate nice, graphical web pages in a mouse click. Easily create your family chronicle using the MS Word report generator. You can print the tree or any part of the tree exactly like you designed it - as big or as small as you like. GreatFamily is designed to make it fast and easy for anyone to create and edit their family tree. Why spend long hours reading manuals, when you can have fun instead? You do not need any HTML knowledge to use the web features. Simply click once - and the tree will be presented in nice, graphical web pages, including any pictures and additional information you have supplied.

OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

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