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LaunchOnFly 1.32 (last freeware version)


LaunchOnFly is a Start Menu alternative. It lets you launch applications, open files, folders, web links, send e-mail, and do even more much faster and easier!

Benefits you get by using LaunchOnFly:
- You can open a program, file, folder, or anything else with only one click of a mouse button
- LaunchOnFly is a perfect choice for you, if you frequently need to open different programs
- For those who frequently reinstall Windows it´s easy to preserve the menu.

LaunchOnFly features:
- LaunchOnFly menu doesn´t use any screen space until you need it
- It´s simple to use
- It works flawlessly even when your computer is heavily loaded
- It´s easy to populate your menu with new items using ´Send To´ command.

With LaunchOnFly menu you can:
- Launch program file
- Open file
- Open folder
- Open special folder (Control Panel, Desktop, My Computer, Network Neighborhood, My Documents, Printers, Recycle Bin)
- Open website (URL)
- Send E-mail
- Perform special action (About LaunchOnFly, Add/Remove Programs, Cascade Windows, Close LaunchOnFly, Configure LaunchOnFly, Date/Time Properties, Display Properties, Empty Recycle Bin, Find Computer, Find Files, Game Controllers Properties, Hibernate, Hangup Dial-Up Connection, Internet Properties, LaunchOnFly Help, Log Off User, Minimize All Windows, Modems Properties, Mouse Properties, Multimedia Properties, Power Management Properties, Recycle Bin Properties, Regional Settings Properties, Restart Computer, Run, Show ´Shut Down Windows´ Dialog, Show/Hide Desktop, Show/Hide Desktop Icons, Show/Hide Taskbar, Shut Down Computer, System Properties, Taskbar Properties, Telephony Properties, Tile Windows Horizontally, Tile Windows Vertically, Undo ´Minimize All Windows´).

OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista

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