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DeluxeFTP 6.0.1


DeluxeFTP is a fast, free, efficient, multi-threaded Windows FTP client. Imagine transferring files on the Internet being as simple as local file manipulation. Simple enough for any beginner and features advanced enough for expert users. Unlike other Free FTP clients, DeluxeFTP does not force you to view ads, registration reminders or unwanted e-mail advertisments, nor does it limit you based upon time or 'personal use'. DeluxeFTP is 100% free and available for immediate download.

Features include Explorer look & feel, custom FTP commands, connection wizard, dockable windows, works with entire folders and proxy support. New features in version 6.01 include an enhanced site manager, full drag & drop support, concurrent downloads, folder bookmarks, resume support and automatic retry.

OS: Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003

Note: DeluxeFTP contains a flaw that may lead to an unauthorized user name and password exposure. It is possible to gain access to plain text user name and password of the ftp sites configured when the program writes its configuration in 'sites.xml' file, which may lead to a loss of confidentiality.
Source: http://secunia.com/advisories/14923/

Download DeluxeFTP 6.0.1 (240 kB)



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